Get ready for a more active life together with your dog

Our online course is for you if you want to learn the basics of canicross and get started to run with your dog(s) in a safe and enjoyable way.

The course is suitable for beginners, regardless of your level of ambition, starting point, or dog. CaniX Coaching is filled with both important and inspiring components that provide you with a solid foundation to develop within canicross and other sled dog training.

You can take the course entirely at your own pace online, and we are always available through our contact channels for questions or further assistance! 

Warmly welcome to us and a more active life with your dog!

Training and knowledge for both you and your dog

  • Joyful & Safe

    In our CaniX Coaching, you will learn to get started in a safe way to build yourself and your dog a solid foundation through joyful training. You'll receive the tools to teach your dog to work in harness.

  • Before, During & After

    You will learn the right techniques to develop and become a great team in both everyday training and on the competition track. Through proper preparation before, during, and after your sessions.

  • Equipment

    We'll navigate through the jungle of equipment and help you find the right gear for you and your dog.

  • Strength & Conditioning

    We'll teach you the importance of both strength and conditioning training and how to become faster and stronger. The course concludes with a 6-week training program.

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After completing the course, you will have knowledge about:

  • Everything about preparations, before, during, and after training

  • How to build a strong dog with motivation to work in a harness

  • Equipment and safe training

  • Various training approaches through our 6-week training plan designed to build up you and your dog together. The sessions are diverse to maintain motivation and stimulate different parts of the body for both the dog and yourself, ensuring a stronger and healthier training journey together!


Alva Wester

Alva Wester is your instructor throughout this course, and she has a solid background primarily in sled dog training. Alva is an active participant who has trained and competed in both dryland and snow disciplines including sled, skijoring, bike, scooter, and of course, running (canicross). Alva is certified as a wellness instructor for dogs, where the study encompasses various aspects (both psychological & physiological) of a dog's structure, needs, training, nutrition, etc., aimed at maintaining a healthy and strong dog. Alva is passionate about dog health and aims to convey knowledge in an easily understandable manner, encouraging more people to train their dogs in a simple and safe way